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Oct 20, 2020

It’s our second week in a row for killer animal movies, and it’s one of Stephen King’s sillier ideas. Join us as we tackle the dog slander propaganda that is CUJO.


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Oct 20, 2020

The bois got to check out a bunch of dope movies at Nightstream, including Hulu's Run and the Ruby Rose-starring The Doorman. There were high highs and low lows so listen in to find out what movies you should be keeping your eye out for.


Twitter: @RMRoulette @LouisJOtero @jspJack...

Oct 18, 2020

In this special episode, Cody, editor of, interviews Michelle Rose and Phillip Wages about By Night's End, on VOD services now! Be sure to check out Cody's full review on the blog!

Oct 13, 2020

In an unprecedented RMR switcheroo, we decided to abandon The Woman, and go for George Romero’s MONKEY SHINES instead, where we delve into all sorts of topics from evil monkeys, puppy girls, hot doctor Stanley Tucci, and why Paul Giamatti still isn’t returning as the Rhino (our favorite killer animal)

Oct 2, 2020

It’s Jack’s host pick, and as the resident Bond fanatic, he has given us favorite of the series from the classic era, Goldfinger. Join as we debate about Bond’s stupid hat, why there’s no labels on his gadgets, and the grossness of 1960’s casual sexism